Stats Breakdown for the First #KissPitch

Valentine’s Day came and went, and with it, so did our first #KissPitch event! For our fledgling group, we couldn’t be more pleased with the day’s success. Authors pitched completed, polished manuscripts to a plethora of agents and editors on Twitter, and we saw some really exciting results (and even more exciting pitches).

First #KissPitch Cloud

Hashtags, misspellings and incomplete words removed for a cleaner image.

But before we dive into the juicy stats, I’d like to first thank all our pitchers for sharing their words—it takes a lot of guts to put your work out there! Second, to the agents and editors—without you, our first #KissPitch event wouldn’t have been possible without your participation. Thank you, and we hope you find some awesome new works!

And of course, a big heartfelt thanks to my All The Kissing co-founders who dedicated countless hours to outreach with agents and editors, promotion on social media, answering inquiries, and acting as admins the day of. Our first #KissPitch rocked!

Now, onto the good stuff. Stats!

Red Hot Results

First #KissPitch Trending

We trended!

From the time period between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST on February 14, we had more than 2,000 tweets on #KissPitch. In fact, we were trending for a good portion of the time! Once we cut away the RTs, agent/editor guidelines, and general cheers or messages of support, we had 1,223 pitches (please account for human error—I’m a writer, not a statistician, haha).

First #KissPitch Genre Tags

“Unspecified” refers to any pitches where the tag was removed or where the author used a tag not present on our original list.

As was probably expected, Contemporary Romance dominated the scope of the contest, with Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense, Fantasy Romance and Historical Romance falling in line thereafter.

First #KissPitch Age Category

“Unspecified” refers to pitches without category tags.

Also as expected, the Adult category accounted for the majority of pitches, followed by Young Adult and finally New Adult. There were a hefty amount of pitchers who elected not to include an age category (perhaps due to wanting extra space for their pitch). We advise against this, as some agents and editors only accept certain age categories.

First #KissPitch Heat Level Tags

Heat level tags were not required, and as such, had fewer participants for a total of 450 tags.

Our heat level tag was brand new—something specific to our #KissPitch contest. While it wasn’t required, there were a number of editors and agents who did browse the feed, asking questions about heat levels when pitchers did not include them. Certainly not mandatory, but a fun bit of extra info!

There were also a number of entries who included more than one heat level tag (i.e., #BDSM and #NUCLEAR).

First #KissPitch Identifying Tags

Identifying tags were not required, and as such, had fewer participants for a total of 237. Note that #LGBT and #OWN were not included on our original list, but due to the slight variation and repetition of use, were included here.

Like heat level tags, identifying tags were not required. We asked that pitchers use them with their own discretion, and we loved the results! We hope to continue to see more diverse pitches in future contests.

Agents, Editors and Participants in our First #KissPitch

With 50 committed agents and editors—and a handful of unlisted participants jumping in, such as Suzie Townsend, Lynnette Novak, Julie Gwinn, Nalini Akolekar, Janna Bonikowski, Ant Colony Press and so many more (seriously, we can’t thank these people enough)—we had astounding results.

Here are some of the most favorited pitches (though we certainly can’t post them all—for more, browse the feed!):

Comic books and love? Sign me up! Or how about this sexy cabaret pitch with a dose of suspense:

Seriously, I could share these all day:

We’re limited on space, so I can’t post them all. But if you’re curious about what worked, stop by the feed. Read the pitches with requests, take note of the techniques they used, and think about what you’d like to do with your own pitches in the future! Just know that, and I’m fairly certain I speak for all the admins here, we were all incredibly impressed with the quality of pitches and love shown by our participants. Everyone treated each other with respect and kindness, and the support in our community is bar none. We can’t thank you enough for making this Valentine’s Day fan-freaking-tastic.

Come Join Us at All The Kissing

While #KissPitch is now over, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Come join our Facebook community where we’re still helping writers hone their pitches, perfect their queries, find CPs and beta readers, make friends, and more. And, if you become a #KissPitch success, PLEASE reach out to one of the ATK co-founders so we can interview you and post your story on our blog! We’d love to stay in touch.

A brief shoutout and thank you to Dan Koboldt for showing me how to gather this data—you rock!

Feature image by Felipe P. Lima Rizo on Unsplash

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Following her passion, Maxym earned her bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Arizona State University. She is represented by Cate Hart of Harvey Klinger Literary Agency. Her debut, Kingdom of Exiles, is out now.
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