ATK Podcast Episode 08: Writing Contests

ATK Podcast Episode 08

Welcome to ATK podcast episode 08. Alexa and Shannon, along with the rest of the All The Kissing founders, hang out for a special episode. ATK wouldn’t exist if we all hadn’t had the courage to enter a writing contest. Tag along as we share the ups and downs of contests, how we all fibbed to get into Pitch Wars, and the most important reason to put yourself out there.

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Shannon Caldwell
Shannon blames her mom. She snagged one of her steamy bodice-rippers at fifteen, and has had her nose stuck in romance books ever since. In college, Shannon wrote her first novel, a western time travel romance. On an electric typewriter. The keys (now on a laptop) have click-clacked ever since.

She’s had many jobs in between her journalism degree from North Texas and her current day job of training yoga teachers. Marriage, step-kids, an adorable son, and one awesome rescue pup round out her days, and romance writing heats up her nights.
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