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Robin Covington

This month, All The Kissing is delighted to welcome USA Today bestselling author and RITA nominee Robin Covington. Her latest work is included in the Rogue Nights Anthology, and she has an upcoming manuscript title, Never Love a Thief out in January. We’re thrilled to have her here! You can find Robin on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Goodreads, and of course at

Introducing Robin Covington

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A USA Today bestseller, Robin Covington loves writing sexy romance, spoiling her Corgi (Dixie Joan Wilder), indulging in a little comic book geek love, hoarding red nail polish and stalking Chris Evans. It’s a damn good life. A Native American author of color, Robin proudly writes diverse romance where everyone gets their happy ever after.

Hi, Robin! Thanks so much for joining us—we just adore you. How long have you been writing and what made you decide to embark on this path?

I’m one of those “I’ve been writing my whole life, girls” but it was really scribblings and such in notebooks. Tons and tons of notebooks. When I got older—after 2000—I started writing Roswell TV show fan fiction and I loved it! I HAD FOUND MY PEOPLE!! 🙂

And then, tragically, right before I turned 40 a friend of mine died of breast cancer at the age of 42. She’d fought for 5 years and had a husband and three boys that she left behind but she lived life to the fullest for the time she had. I realized that I’d spent most of my life saying that I would write a book “someday” but that someday wasn’t guaranteed. I wrote “Chapter One”, finished that book and went out on submission. And then I wrote another. I sold my first book (the second book I wrote) 18 months later.

Wow, it sounds like your friend really inspired you to chase after your someday. Are there differences in your writing processes today than when you wrote your first manuscript?

Oh yes! When I first started writing, I had no plot. I just sat down and started writing and it was a hot mess and a half. Now I plot the entire book before I start—I have to be organized because I write in my spare time and I can’t waste any time on rewrites. My method of plotting was handwritten but now I have a form that I fill out—it has been fine-tuned over the years and I still keep tweaking it.

I always envy a good plotter! I’m firmly somewhere in the plansting camp myself, ha. What’s the hardest thing for you about the process and why?

For me—finding time. I work a time-consuming day job as a supervisory attorney for a Navy defense program and I manage 14 attorneys. It takes up my day time and then I have a husband and two teenagers—so time is at a premium. I don’t waste any minute I can write and I get up early or stay up late to make it happen.

But as far as the craft of writing . . . the hardest part is figuring out a fresh plot and characters. If I don’t get that right, then I’m bored out of my mind and the book becomes the zombie book that will not die…LOL

I dunno, if you wrote a zombie romance I would read that in a hot minute! But yes, I totally feel you about time. Why can’t they just let us write? I digress, ha. What advice would you give to the burgeoning romance writer about writing and/or the industry?

Learn your craft. I know that the push is all about marketing and sales but if you can’t write a good book, the sales won’t follow. Take classes. Join a RWA chapter and take workshops. Read craft books. Never get complacent about becoming a better writer and your books will be better and better over time and that will attract readers.

Solid advice! Over here at All The Kissing, community is big for us. We’ve been around for a year now, and we’re constantly humbled by our amazing members. How has community affected your work?

Oh man. Writing is such a solitary pursuit and I’m an extrovert so I need to be able to reach out and connect with other authors or I’m a mess. Thank Baby Jesus that the internet exists because I live in the boonies and it has helped me maintain the connections that keep me going.

And…podcasts have become a HUGE part of that community for me. You know that I’m a huge podcast junkie and ones about books are my crack. Getting to talk about books with other book nerds is the best. And you also know how much I love ATK—remember when I fangirled meeting all of you at RWA? It was a moment for me!

And we fangirled meeting you! We’re so beyond touched that you enjoy our podcast. What kind of advice would you give to a writer who is searching for a community to join?

Join the RWA or a local writing group or find people online to keep you growing and accountable. Reach out for advice on how to navigate your career—we’ve all been there, done that, and bought several t-shirts! The internet is a beautiful thing…

As someone who’s heavily involved in RWA, you’ve likely got an amazing understanding of what it takes to foster a community. What can you tell us about that experience?

It has been an absolute pleasure to serve RWA and its members. And it’s no secret that we are facing challenges of diversity and inclusion but I think that is the secret to fostering a community: making diversity and inclusion a priority. I have been made better by reaching out and connecting and bringing into the circle authors who are completely different from me. It sounds counterintuitive but the key is that when you are different you must search for those commonalities of purpose and belief—and it is in those common things that you grow a community. And in the same vein—it is the differences of the members that make the community stronger and richer. Embracing all of it—both sides—makes a bunch of individuals a community.

You can’t see it, but I’m giving you a standing ovation right now. Okay, now, back to the books—tell us about your latest series/release.
Robin Covington Rogue Nights

Rouge Nights, available now

Oh my latest release is part of the ROGUE NIGHTS Anthology which came out on November 8th. My story, “Sacred Son,” is an #ownvoices romance that is near and dear to my heart. Here is the blurb:

Adam Woodson has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of Native Americans in court and in the legislature, a career that has kept him too busy to regret the man who got away. Judah Nighthorse is rebuilding his life after prison, fighting to regain custody of his son from a non-Native foster family so he swallows his pride and asks the man he left behind for help. When fighting the good fight together sparks desire they can’t resist, they must decide if their future holds a second chance or a final goodbye.

Oh my gosh, chills! Where did the idea for it come from?

I got the idea from several news articles and books I’ve read about the intergenerational trauma caused by the state’s separation of Native American children from their families. The impact of that trauma is felt for generations and still continues today when Native children are removed from the native community. I’m also keenly interested in the epidemic of murdered and missing Indigenous and Native women in the U.S. and Canada. Both heavy topics but they grabbed me and the story of Adam and Judah just spun out from there.

What are you working on next?

My next book will be out on New Year’s Eve! It is the first book in a four-book romantic suspense series. The books are Never Love a Thief, Never Love a Killer, Never Love a Liar, and Never Love a Stranger. It has suspense and sexy romance and lots of action. I’m so excited! This series has been delayed and the time has finally come to set it free in the world. *happy dance*

Sign me up! Also, I just love that title sequence. All right, let’s close it off with a classic: Favorite book-boyfriend? Why?

Oh, I have two and I alternate when I’m asked! This time I will gush about the sexy and wounded and broody and protective and very-Alpha Nick Ward from Extreme Danger by Shannon McKenna. I love Nick because he is so wounded because he has a deep need to protect and care for those who aren’t as strong as he is. And when he meets Becca…he falls hard and he will do anything to protect her. And the man is a dynamo in bed. Whew!

I will take a wounded hero ANY day of the week. Well, Robin, we can’t thank you enough for joining us today! Best of luck in your writing endeavors.

If you want to stay up-to-date with all of Robin’s writing goodness, be sure to follow her author page on Amazon, sign up for her newsletter, and follow her on her social handles listed above.

But wait… there’s writerly goodness right here! Robin was kind enough to share a blurb for Never Love a Thief. Take a gander and then add it to your Goodreads TBR:

Book One
Stealing is easy. Love is dangerous.

Rescued from the streets at sixteen, former thief, Carmen “Mina” Salazar, is a law-abiding citizen who no longer indulges in her favorite pastime: freeing the wealthy from the burden of their belongings. Now Mina spends her days and nights running St. Nick’s, her bar in the Fell’s Point section of Baltimore. Abandoned by her father for reasons she doesn’t understand, trust doesn’t come easily for Mina. But a sexy, dangerous cop in her bar with a reckless proposition tempts her to take a chance.

The son of a former Baltimore police officer, FBI Special Agent Declan McGregor has spent his entire life trying to outrun the scandal of being the son of a drunk, dirty cop. But years of undercover work and living in the bowels of the dirtiest of organized crime networks has left him with a dead partner and relief he can only find at the bottom of a bottle. The man in the mirror looks a lot like his old man and a failed marriage and crumbling career testify to just how close to the bottom he really is.

Declan wants retribution for the death of his partner and Mina is the key. When her long-lost father turns up in the bed of the head of the mob responsible for the murder, Declan offers Mina the one thing she can’t pass up: the chance to find out why her father left her. All she has to do is what she does best . . . break, enter and steal her way into the inner circle of the syndicate. Danger fuels their intense attraction and soon the lines between revenge and lust are blurred by emotion and tested by betrayal. When lives are in the balance, there is only one question…is it ever safe to love a thief?

Maxym M. Martineau
Maxym M. Martineau is a staff writer and editor by day, and a fantasy romance author by night. When she’s not getting heated over broken hearts, she enjoys playing video games, sipping a well-made margarita, binge-watching television shows, competing in just about any sport, and of course, reading.

Following her passion, Maxym earned her bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Arizona State University. She is represented by Cate Hart of Harvey Klinger Literary Agency. Her debut, Kingdom of Exiles, is out now.
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