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We’re humbled you’d like to be featured on All The Kissing! We love highlighting authors in the romance community. If you’d like to be considered for either a written author interview or podcast guest feature, then keep reading.

Author Interview Request

First and foremost, let’s go over a few details.

What’s All The Kissing about?

All The Kissing is a collective of romance writers at various stages in their journey who want to give back to the romance-writing community by supporting writers from first manuscript to published vet. Our goal is to create an environment where romance writers can be open and honest about their writing journey, ask the questions they are afraid to ask other writers—free of judgement—and extend the friendship and support to the romance community that we’ve found.

We hope to give new romance writers a home to learn and grow as writers, vets a way to give back and expand their platform, and every romance writer the sense of community that is essential for success.

Great! I’d like to be interviewed or featured. Where do I sign up?

We primarily interview published romance authors (whether that be traditionally published, self-published, or hybrid). To be considered for an interview, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be published or in the process of becoming published (i.e., if you are a debut author a few months out from publication, you would be eligible).
  • You must have an online presence, such as a website or social profiles.
  • You must write or have written in the romance genre.
  • You must be willing to talk about craft, writing or thematic topics, as set by All The Kissing, in addition to any self-promotion you’d like to do.
  • Being an active member of the All The Kissing Community isn’t mandatory, but it is preferred.
Okay, that makes sense. Anything else I need to know?

Deadlines. We’re all writers here! Deadlines are a must. If you elect to do a written interview, meet your deadline so we have ample time to give feedback and stage the post accordingly.

Publish date TBD. We’ll update you with a tentative publish date based on our editorial calendar once copy has been reviewed.

Recordings. We don’t require anyone to have any special equipment when it comes to our podcast segments. We record over Skype or Zoom (no video), so just ensure you’re in a quiet place with a decent microphone for audio recording. Podcast recording times will be scheduled with the hosts once an interview has been agreed upon.

In all cases, we reserve the right to make edits to submitted work. Our goal is not to alter the nature of your article, but to ensure it aligns with All The Kissing’s style. Similarly, our podcasts are edited to meet quality standards for our listeners. 

Interested? Great!

Please fill out the Google Form below.

Please note that we primarily schedule interviews based on themes determined by the ATK team. If your interview is a fit, we’ll contact you. Due to the high number of requests, we cannot possibly interview every author, though we’ll try our best!