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Keeping Pace

  • Worldbuilding

    Building a Whole *gulp* World?

    So, worldbuilding. People talk about it a lot, especially in fantasy and science fiction, and the bar for doing it right can…

  • Book Settings as Characters

    A book’s setting can be a huge draw for your audience and can set the tone for your whole book. I mean,…

  • Writing Action Scenes

    5 Tips for Writing Action Scenes

    I’ll admit, writing action scenes is not a favorite activity of mine. Weird, right? I’m a fantasy romance author. Every plot I…

  • How to Connect Authentically Online

    We’ve talked before about social media for authors, our top 3 recommended platforms, and 4 best practices to maximize your outreach. These…

  • How to Write a Compelling Antagonist

    How to Write a Compelling Antagonist

    When I first started writing, I used to visualize antagonists like those old-school cartoons, where they’d be chilling in the corner either…