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Keeping Pace

  • How to Connect Authentically Online

    We’ve talked before about social media for authors, our top 3 recommended platforms, and 4 best practices to maximize your outreach. These…

  • How to Write a Compelling Antagonist

    How to Write a Compelling Antagonist

    When I first started writing, I used to visualize antagonists like those old-school cartoons, where they’d be chilling in the corner either…

  • Strong Female Characters

    5 Ways to Write Strong Female Characters

    Strong female characters don’t have to be literal ass-kickers—quiet strength is just as powerful—but establishing your heroine’s strength is an an ongoing…

  • The ABCs of Writing Swoon-Worthy Heroes

    Book boyfriends are an important part of Romancelandia. These fine gentlemen are collected, protected, and prominently displayed in all their glistening-ab glory…

  • Realistic Characters

    Creating Realistic Characters

    Everyone who knows me understands that I’m not much for following hard-and-fast writing rules. I believe that every writer has to follow…