May 6, 2021 will mark the fourth annual pitch event by romance writers, for romance writers. Brought to you by the All The Kissing administrators.

#KissPitch is a Twitter pitch event where Romance—and Women’s Fiction!—writers may “pitch” their finished work to industry professionals for consideration. Though a “favorite” during a pitch event is in no way a guarantee an agent/professional will request further material, it may help you climb through the slush pile more quickly.

All The Kissing created #KissPitch to showcase writers who often get swallowed up in other events because of pitch volume. Industry professionals cruising the #KissPitch tag on May 6 will no doubt be interested in acquiring romance, women’s fiction, or both, and won’t need to search through 20 different genres to find your beautiful words.

We hope for many success stories to share with you in the future and wish you the best of luck in pitching! Please review and follow all of the rules below to insure #KissPitch is a success that returns year after year.

All The Kissing is not affiliated with Romance Writers of America (RWA) or any other organization.

Please do the following:
  • Do pitch a work of Romance or Women’s Fiction. All subgenres of romance are welcome. For romance manuscripts, romance must be the central theme of the work with the expectation of satisfying Happily Ever After (HEA) or Happy For Now (HFN). Women’s Fiction often has strong romantic elements—though they aren’t required—and it does not have to include an HEA or HFN.
  • Do pitch during the pitch window only. The pitch opens at 9 a.m. EDT and closes at 9 p.m. EDT on May 6, 2021. Please don’t pitch outside of these hours on Valentine’s Day. Agents may continue to request after the window closes.
  • Do tweet up to four pitches per project.
  • Do pitch more than one project if you like.
  • Do pitch only completed, polished works that are ready to query. Your manuscript must be unpublished, unagented and novel length.
    • Tip: If you have a conflict the day of the event, you can schedule tweets with free apps like Tweetbot and Buffer.
  • Do include the hashtag + KissPitch as so: #KissPitch. You should also include hashtags identifying romance subgenres and category. Any other tags are at your discretion — let your conscience be your guide (i.e., #own, #LGBTQ, #Mild, etc.).
    • Tip: For those of you new to Twitter pitching, including the hashtag and contest name is a must. Without the tag, your tweets will not show up in the feed, and agents/publishers won’t see them. Genre tags allow the agent/publisher to search for specific romance subgenres directly. For example, #KissPitch #CR is appropriate tagging for a Contemporary Romance pitch.  A list of subgenre tags you should use can be found below.
  • Do use the full 280 characters if necessary, BUT we recommend your pitches be as concise as possible to help agents scroll through feeds quickly and identify pitches that interest them.
    • Tip: Try spreading your pitches out over the the course of the window to ensure as many agents/publishers see your project as possible. It’s impossible to predict who will be on the tag requesting at a given time. Hint: If you are interested in specific agents, you might check their Twitter feeds periodically to see if they say when they’ll be popping in to search pitches. Under no circumstances should you pitch them directly on Twitter.
  • Do check agent/publisher Twitter feeds for submission preferences posted the day of the event.
  • Do send agent/publisher requests as soon as possible. Make sure you include #KissPitch Request in the subject line, including any other wording the agent/publisher might request, and be sure to follow their directions to the letter.
    • Tip: You are never required to send materials to an agent/publisher who you are not interested in working with. Please be diligent in researching any agent that requests material before you send it. It would be impossible for ATK to vet each agent/publisher who decides to cruise the feed and request. It’s your responsibility to verify their legitimacy and decide if you want to send materials along.
Please refrain from doing the following:
  • Don’t pitch to agents directly on Twitter.
  • Don’t pitch short stories, works of poetry, or serialized fiction. Entries must be novel length.
  • Don’t pitch agented or published works.
  • Don’t pitch inappropriate material. All The Kissing admins reserve the right ask you to remove pitches and/or tweets (comments) deemed disturbing or inappropriate (i.e., hate speech, language indicative of racism or sexism, sexual relationships of an inappropriate nature, etc.)
  • Don’t favorite pitches. Favoriting is reserved for agents/publishers only. You may retweet pitches using Quote Tweet to show your support. Don’t use the #KissPitch hashtag when QTing.
  • Don’t use graphics or screencaps of any kind.
  • Don’t link to works published elsewhere (like Wattpad or your own blog).
  • Don’t be an asshat. If you see abuse, please report it to Twitter and notify an ATK admin. We want #KissPitch to be a success for years to come. Please be courteous. Participants agree to maintain the utmost respect for each other and requesting agents/publishers.

Abusive, disparaging or harmful remarks may result in us asking you to remove your pitches. Violations of the #KissPitch rules and/or failure to comply with admin requests the day of the event may result in barring from all future All The Kissing events.

Tags for #KissPitch

Category Tags
  • #YA — Young Adult
  • #NA — New Adult
  • #A — Adult
Subgenre Tags
  • #CR — Contemporary Romance
  • #HR — Historical Romance
  • #PNR — Paranormal Romance
  • #RS — Romantic Suspense
  • #FR — Fantasy Romance
  • #SFR — Science Fiction Romance
  • #GR — Gothic Romance
  • #DR — Dark Romance
  • #IR — Inspirational Romance
  • #SR — Sweet Romance
  • #ER — Erotic Romance
  • #WF — Women’s Fiction
Heat Level Tags

These are optional tags you may use to help agents/publishers identify the level of intimacy depicted in your work.

  • #mild — No contact to kissing
  • #med — Kissing to intimate contact, but fade to black (FTB) love scenes
  • #hot — Action-packed love scenes where the reader goes along for the ride
  • #nuclear — Explicit sex, language during sex, and graphic depictions of a sexual nature
  • #BDSM — Bondage, Domination/Submission, Sadism/Masochism
Identifying tags

Optional tags you may/may not choose to use at your discretion. Let your conscience be your guide. Possible tags include but aren’t limited to:

  • #LGBTQIA — Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Aromantic, Agender
  • #OwnVoices — Own Voices
  • #POC — People of color

For more info on the appropriate use of identifying tags and marginalized voices, please refer to www.DVpit.com.

By participating in #KissPitch, you agree that AllTheKissing.com, All The Kissing blog and podcast, #KissPitch, #FridayKiss, and All The Kissing administrators can’t be held liable for interactions, or lack thereof, during and after the contest with other participants and/or agents/editors. In addition, you understand that participation in the event does not guarantee likes, requests from agents/editors, or offers of representation or publishing contracts. The vetting of agents/editors is solely the participant’s responsibility.

Helpful Resources

Crafting a Pitch

Pitch Contest Etiquette

For Agents

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