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  • #KissPitch 2020

    Preparing for #KissPitch 2020

    Our third annual #KissPitch is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited! We love helping authors connect with agents…

  • ATK Blog Post

    2019 ATK Blog Roundup

    Another year is in the books! Here at All The Kissing, our mission is to bring you resources that you can use…

  • Seasoned Characters

    Writing Seasoned Characters

    The thing I love most about romance is that it’s a complex, diverse world, but it’s also simple to explain. It’s built…

  • Jewish Characters

    Writing Jewish Characters in Romance

    Full disclosure: this was a difficult post to write. The topic is extremely dense. Seriously, the first draft of this was almost…

  • Queer Characters

    Writing Queer Characters

    We’ve all heard the advice. Maybe we’ve even taken it. “Write what you know.” But let’s be honest—if every writer ascribed to…