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  • Queer Characters

    Writing Queer Characters

    We’ve all heard the advice. Maybe we’ve even taken it. “Write what you know.” But let’s be honest—if every writer ascribed to…

  • Worldbuilding

    Building a Whole *gulp* World?

    So, worldbuilding. People talk about it a lot, especially in fantasy and science fiction, and the bar for doing it right can…

  • Book Settings as Characters

    A book’s setting can be a huge draw for your audience and can set the tone for your whole book. I mean,…

  • Romance Settings

    Romance Settings and World-Building

    This month on All The Kissing, we’ll be discussing more basics of the romance genre, particularly as they relate to settings and…

  • Romance Candy

    Why Romance is a Great Genre

    All The Kissing is a celebration of all things love, kissing, and romance in the written word. That’s why we offer this…